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A detour by Soho?

The true brewery of Marrakech

A new space dedicated to non-smokers




The Loft, it is a trendy restaurant, where the philosophy is put rhythm according to the customers.

1st Bistrot of Marrakech

The Loft restaurant in Marrakech welcomes you to a unique setting in the Center of Gueliz with a menu of French specialties. Discover a warm bistro with parquet floors, brick walls and touches of wood throughout. These touches give the restaurant an identity that brings to mind small restaurants in New York.
The clock, the Pop Art paintings, the ropes and the enormous fan-shaped blades evoke the ambiance of Soho restaurants in NYC during the era when countless artists met around a table.

The Loft is incontestably one of the best restaurants in Marrakech, but it is also a friendly restaurant with pleasant background music from the 1980s.
In terms of cuisine, we favor a contemporary concept with huge salads for quick meals and a menu which proposes appetizers, main dishes and desserts for an average price of 180 dhs per person, as well as a lunch formula for 140 dhs.

Every day, The Loft proposes specials, depending on the market.

The Loft’s menu is simple and features high-quality products